Tabatha Coffey presents Secret Volume™, the hair cover solution for women who have thinning hair spots.

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Available in 13 True Colors

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  • Color Correction Color Correction

Secret Volume™ will Work for you!

4 Signs of Thinning Hair

  • Receding Hair Line
  • Thinning or Balding Crown
  • Patchy Spots on Sides of Head
  • Bald Spots

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Judy's how to video.

Secret Volume™ is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Step 1 - Select desired position
  • Hand-knotted so it can be worn or brushed in any direction for easy styling.
  • Can be worn at hairline, part, crown, or anywhere you need extra volume and coverage.
  • Also great for covering roots to extend time between salon visits.
  • Covers any area that is 5 to 6 inches from the top of the head.

Secret Volume™ Hair Replacement Procedure Creams and Lotions
Inexpensive $39.99 Today Cost Thousands Cost Hundreds
Pain Free Painful Recovery Needed Can Cause Redness and Irritation
Covers in Seconds May Not Work or Last May Not Even Work
100% Money Back Guarantee No Guarantee No Guarantee
Better Than Real Hair! No Fly Aways, No Static, No Split Ends or Dryness

What’s Your Biggest Concern? Watch it Disappear in Seconds!

  • Thinning or Balding Crown Thinning or Balding Crown
  • Receding Hair Line Receding Hair Line
  • Patchy Sides and Bald Spots Patchy Sides and Bald Spots

So Easy to Apply! Simply Place, Snap and Style!

Everyone Loves Secret Volume™

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